Ten-volume book series on the Iranians’ negative characteristics published
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Ten-volume book series on the Iranians’ negative characteristics published

Publish Date : Sunday 1 November 2015 - 17:35
IBNA- Head of Iran’s Culture, Art and Communications Institute announced the publication of a series of 10 volumes on reviewing the negative characteristics of Iranians according to the foreign travelogues.
In an interview with IBNA, Mohammad Reza Javadi Yeganeh said that a 10 volume- book series on the negative characteristics of Iranians will soon be released.
Head of the Institute of Culture, Art and Communications continued: “The series is published by the Social Council of the country and the first volume is dedicated to the introduction and generalities. The second volume reviews the positive features and the other eight volumes cover the negative characteristics of Iranians.”
He said that by a look at these travelogues one can note that when Iranians are involved in revolutionary or group actions their positive features are better noticed by foreigners.
About the time covering this 10-volume series, he explained that the foreign travelogues cover the period starting from the era of Pythagoras onward, i.e. from the year 500 A.D. to 1978. He also said that the compilers of the series stressed that all what was available in Persian sources must be covered.
Javadi Yeganeh pointed out that on the basis of Schwartz system of values, 100 negative characteristics of Iranians have been noted, and he also reminded that the positive features of Iranians include hospitality, courtesy, warmth, compliments and so on, whereas incompetent rulers and strict views towards the minorities are considered among their negative characteristics.