Reading Romantic Novels in Everyday Life Atmosphere: The Experience of Female Readers
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Javadi Yeganeh, Mohammad Reza & Asieh Arhami (2010) \Reading Romantic Novels in Everyday Life Atmosphere; The Experience of Female Readers] Quarterly Journal of Iranian Association for Cultural Studies and Communication (Tehran, Iran), 6(18): 55-85.

Reading Romantic Novels in Everyday Life Atmosphere

The Experience of Female Readers

Mohammad Reza Javadi Yeganeh

Associate professor of sociology

Asieh Arhami

M.A. of women studies, University of Tehran


This research tries to learn the behaviors of the addressees in the area of one of the most popular domain of literature, i.e. popular romantic novels. The theoretical approach of this research is that the addressee is an active individual who has his/her own intention and motivations of inclining towards a romantic work. In this view, the addressee of popular works can also have his/her understanding of these works with regard to his/her own experiences, information and socio-cultural environment and interpret it.

In this view , the addresses of popular novels are not expelled but also their reasons for inclination towards these works are studied, because in this attitude, it is assumed that the addressee actively and consciously based on his/her demand has selected these novels. This research has been conducted by using the theory of uses and satisfaction. Learning about the individual features of readers, the addresses' interests in connection with novel and reasons for inclination of readers to the romantic works from their own viewpoints have been among the objectives of this research.

Keywords: Women, Romantic Novels, Conformity with Everyday Life, Novel Reading