The Quality of Women's Reading Popular Romance Novels
تاريخ : پانزدهم خرداد 1390 ساعت 22:50   کد : 414

The Quality of Women's Reading Popular Romance Novels

Mohammad Reza Javadi Yeganeh

Asieh Arhami. M.A. of women studies, Univresity of Tehran

Abstract:The present paper is focusing on the quality of reading of popular romance novels by women. The popular romance novels are today the best seller's part of narrative literature in Iran and their authors, readers and motifs are mainly female. The prevailing literature in the sociology of literature has not paid attention to this literary genre and this type has been hallmarked as a narcotizing genre and a rather false knowledge. However, the broadness of this type of novels and their main impacts on female readers makes it necessary to study them closely.

The studies of this paper which have been conducted based on a research made by Janice Radway in UK on female readers of romance novels investigates the method of familiarity of women with these types of novels and their quality of reading. Also efforts have been made to study the quality of reading by the type of readers' employment and age. The sample communities of the research are the buyers of romance novels in Book City and the method of data collection is interview.

Key Words: The Quality of Reading, Romance Novels, Identifying the Readers, Women, Popular Novel